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What to Expect When Calling StrongHearts

 In Domestic Violence in Indian Country, Native centered advocacy, Services for Native Survivors, Trust and Respect

Calling into a domestic violence helpline can be very intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you are taking that courageous first step to reach out for help. At the StrongHearts Native Helpline, there are trained advocates ready to take your call and provide support by dialing 1-844-7NATIVE (1-844-762-8483). We are aware you may be hesitant to pick up the phone to call because you may not know what to expect.

First, know that you are not alone. Once you make that decision to call, the first thing you will hear is: “Are you in a safe place to talk?” Our advocates will ensure that it is safe for the caller to speak to us. If it is not, they will let the caller know to call back when it is safe to talk. If it is safe, the advocate will proceed with the call.

Know that every call to StrongHearts is completely confidential and anonymous. Our advocates won’t collect any identifying information to protect your privacy and safety. An advocate will ask for information such as the city and state you are calling from, your age, gender, and tribe you are enrolled with. Depending on your situation, the advocate may ask other questions to assess how they can be of help.

Once demographic information is gathered, the advocate will thank the caller for reaching out and ask about what brings them to reach out to StrongHearts. The callers are encouraged to tell their story and share details about their situation with our advocates, who have a strong understanding of our Native communities and culture. This will help the advocate know more about your situation and give them an idea how they can help you.

The advocate will then offer support by exploring the caller’s options with them. Some of these options may include safety planning around the situation they are in, safety planning with the caller’s self-care in mind, or assisting with crisis intervention as needed. Our advocates may also provide referrals to resources within their area.

Once the advocate has spoken with the caller and helped them explore their options and resources, the advocate will ask what else they can do to help. This will give the caller a chance to ask any other questions they may have about the support provided, the resources offered or for more information about domestic violence and abuse in general. This is your time. We are here for you.

If the caller has no further questions and we have gone over everything, the advocate will let the caller know that we are available by calling 1-844-762-8483,  from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST, seven days a week, and to reach out to us if they need to speak with us again.

Whatever your situation might be, StrongHearts advocates are here to listen to your story when you’re ready to reach out. The hardest part of any journey toward healing is taking the first step, so please know we are here to support you in any way we can.

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