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Call StrongHearts for Free, Confidential and Anonymous Information

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When calling StrongHearts Native Helpline, the first thing a caller can expect is to speak with a Native American advocate. StrongHearts is the first national helpline specifically designed by and for Native Americans experiencing domestic violence or dating violence.

Know and Trust

We are here to help anyone impacted by domestic and dating violence but our area of expertise is understanding the needs of tribal people,” said Lori Jump, StrongHearts Assistant Director, a leading expert in the field of domestic violence in Indian Country. “We understand the reasons Natives were lacking in critical advocacy resources was in part due to the lack of confidence they have with non-Native governmental programs. We want all Natives to know and trust that we are here for them.”Blog Post

What is Strong Hearts?

StrongHearts is a culturally-appropriate domestic violence helpline. Advocate training is steeped in cultural sensitivity and Native American tradition with an emphasis on peer support, safety planning, as well as domestic violence and healthy relationship education. 

What to Expect

Calls to StrongHearts are completely free, confidential and anonymous.  All calls are filtered through software that removes the identification of the caller including the phone number and location. 

  • Emergency Services: The advocate’s priority is to establish that the caller is in a safe place to talk. If the caller is in immediate danger, the caller is advised to hang up and dial 911. It is important to note that StrongHearts does not have access to emergency services and therefore cannot connect callers to 911. 
  • Assessment: If the caller is in a safe place to talk, the advocate asks what brought the caller to reach out to StrongHearts. The advocate listens to the caller and helps them identify priorities and options. 
  • Education: Advocates provide peer support with domestic violence and healthy relationship education for all gender identities and sexual orientations. 
  • Safety Planning: Advocates engage callers in discussions about safety planning and share service provider information. The goal is to ensure the safety of the caller and help them find local direct services.
  • Service Providers: StrongHearts Helpline has an internal referral database of tribal and native centered domestic violence providers as well as non-native providers.
  • Further Assistance: A caller may need additional referral assistance and they can call back for more information.
StrongHearts Can Help

“Victims and survivors of domestic violence have enough on their plate and critical thinking outside of their environment can be overwhelming,” Jump concluded. “This is when StrongHearts can help the most.”

Established in 2017, StrongHearts Native Helpline (1-844-762-8483) is a free, culturally-appropriate and confidential helpline for American Indians and Alaska Natives impacted by domestic violence and dating violence. Service is available seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. CST.

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