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What is StrongHearts Native Helpline?

We are a culturally appropriate domestic violence helpline for Native Americans. 

What does that mean?

Culturally appropriate for Native Americans means we are happy to help anyone, but we are built by Natives for Natives. Our advocates are trained specifically to meet the needs of Native American victim-survivors. A domestic violence helpline means our advocates are trained to help anyone impacted by domestic and dating violence. That could be a victim-survivor, a friend, family, or community member. 

Also we are completely free, confidential, and anonymous.


What can you do for me?

Our advocates are here to support callers through any part of an abusive relationship. They are highly trained to provide culturally-specific peer support, domestic violence and healthy relationship education, safety planning, and help finding direct services in the caller’s area, and of course, to listen.

Our advocates serve many different /callers. In addition to helping someone who is being hurt in an abusive relationship, our advocates can help an advocate find additional resources, a friend understand how best to support a victim-survivor, someone who is abusing their partner talk about change and find help. They are here to help any Native American impacted by domestic violence in whatever way they need. 


Who do you help?

StrongHearts is happy to serve anyone impacted by domestic and dating violence but we are specifically culturally appropriate for Native Americans. There are a few other national domestic violence culturally appropriate organizations for other ethnic and racial groups; Casa de Esperanza, Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence, Ujima (The National Center for Women in the Black Community). And the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s (1-844-799-7233) services are available 24/7 and built to serve everyone in the United States.


Are your advocates Native?

All of our advocates have a strong connection and understanding of Native culture. And yes, they are Native. 


Where are you located?

StrongHearts Native Helpline is a national helpline. We established our office in Eagan, Minnesota in March 2019. We serve all Native American impacted by domestic and dating violence nationally. 


How do I get enrolled in a tribe? How do I find out if I am Native / what tribe I am affiliated with?

StrongHearts is a domestic violence helpline for Native Americans, so we are not experts on enrollment. A good option is reaching out to the BIA (BIA.gov, (202) 208-3710) or the tribe you are affiliated with.


How do I get benefits for being Native?

Unfortunately, getting benefits for being Native is a lasting stereotype about Native Americans. While many tribal nations offer services to their citizens, to access those services, often one has to know what tribe they descend from, be enrolled in that specific tribe and then go through their process. 

If you are affiliated with a tribe, our advocates will discuss tribal services that may be available specifically for domestic and dating violence. StrongHearts Native Helpline can not help with the process of enrollment or ancestry.