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In the Media

Each time a domestic violence story is covered, media has an opportunity to help save lives.

The StrongHearts Native Helpline (1-844-7NATIVE) is a culturally-appropriate, anonymous, confidential service dedicated to serving Native American survivors of domestic violence and dating violence that the media can share with viewers, listeners and readers as a critical resource.

We hope the media will help us tell the story of domestic violence and dating violence in tribal communities as a way of shedding light on the devastating fact that millions of Native people in this country are directly experiencing abuse and threats of violence in their intimate relationships. When reporting on the issue, we ask the media to take into careful consideration the safety of these victims.

Media Contact | [email protected] | 612-418-0876

Download | StrongHearts Media Kit (PDF) | StrongHearts Logo (JPG)


Additional Resources

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Listing StrongHearts Native Helpline as a Resource

StrongHearts encourages media, other websites, publications or projects to list our organization’s number and/or website as a resource. Content from this website may be used as long as StrongHearts is cited as the source. Please note that StrongHearts does not specifically endorse or promote projects with which we do not have explicit involvement or an official partnership.

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